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A story from the Fishy Wild

West where the water pistol is


‘When the Wanted Posters went up all over Splodge City it came as a surprise to Wayne Cod, the sheriff. Billy Squid was not on his wanted list! Who wanted Billy out of the way? Or more to the point - dead! For that was what putting up those posters amounted to.   Sheriff Wayne Cod flipped his tail off the hitching rail and leapt into action. All the posters had to ome down before Sharkie McQueen got as much as a sniff of one. Sharkie was a mean bounty hunter who used his ‘Water Buster’ rifle first and asked questions afterwards. The last thing the sheriff wanted was Sharkie McQueen dumping a dead squid at his jail House door and demanding a reward. ‘ SHARKIE McQUEEN BOUNTY HUNTER IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON UK & AMAZON.COM ISBN: 9798635122907


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Badman: The Ghost of King


In between writing new stories for Little Red Tractor and working on other projects, I had an idea for a ghost story. We were living in an old Norfolk manor house at  the time and as King John had a close association with Norfolk, I based the plot around an imagined haunting of the manor house and the last eight days of King John's reign. Towards the end of 2014, when events for the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta were being publicised, it dawned on me (I was always a bit slow on the uptake) that I would have to get cracking if I wanted to launch the book on the 800th anniversary following bad King John's death. October 5th 1216: King John is in the Norfolk Port of Lynn. On the same day, 800 years later, a new family move into a Norfolk Manor House. They are excited at the prospect of living in such an historic building, but that is before they meet the ghost! The ghost is is thought to be King John, searching for his lost treasure. Edna Catchpole, the housekeeper expects another quick exit. Most tenants flee the old house within a few weeks, but Fiona (13) and Nick (10) have other ideas. They team-up with Edna and their great aunt Daphne to confront the ghost. After several hair raising experiences, they realise that the ghost is trying to tell them something. Under his directions they find secret stairs, tunnels and a skeleton. The tunnel with
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